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NeuroEditor is a vision.

We envision a shift in the terrain of neuroscience communication. Our goal is to contribute to that shift through our services and our blog.

Our Services

Academic Editing

Research is still the most powerful driving force behind innovation and medical breakthroughs. But for research to make its impact, it must be communicated effectively. This requires turning complex concepts into clear, compact language – a task most academics are not prepared to take on alone. We’re here to help you translate good science into good writing. Whether it’s a journal article aimed at other scholars, or a press release looking to inform the public, we’ll make sure your research is easily understood by your audience.

Article Writing

Organizations and publications are the front-line warriors for neuroscience-related information. They bridge theoretical research with its practical applications. In this age of instant information, it’s more important than ever for organizations and publications to have an open, ongoing line of communication with their stakeholders. In order to remain accessible and relevant, they must pair scientific accuracy with straight-forward language. We can craft language that keeps your audience interested and informed.

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